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Put your Salesforce data to good use with these three simple ways to take action.

1. Use formulas.

The is key to unlocking endless possibilities and building custom processes in Coda. For example, using the Now() formula, we can calculate how long it has been since each opportunity (row) has been modified—and that’s just one of the nearly-infinite calculations you can run using Coda’s formula language. To learn more about formulas, head
calculate duration opp.gif
Add a Duration column to the view of your Opportunities table we created in .
In the Duration column menu, select Calculate.
In the Calculate from field, select Last activity (or whichever column you’d like to calculate from).
In the Property field, select Days from today.

2. Build buttons.

Buttons allow you to take action from your doc. The action could be within your doc, such as opening or adding a new row, or outside of your doc, such as sending a Slack notification or adding a calendar event.
notify owner opp.gif
Add another new column to the view of the Opportunities table, navigate to the Button column type, and select Send message or notify user.
Select which type of notification you would like to send and who you would like to send it to.
To deliver your notification directly to the opportunity owner, you’ll need to make a Team table. This is covered in more detail in the
Complete the message for your notification in the Content field. You can reference data in other columns by @-mentioning the column name.
💡Coda tip: There are many other ways to customize this notification in the Visual and Advanced sections: you can customize the label, color, and icon of your button. We’d also recommend that you use the Disable feature to prevent the button from being clicked when it doesn’t need to be—for example, if the Duration is less than X days.

3. Send changes.

The Salesforce pack supports two-way sync, meaning that if you change data from your Coda table, it can send directly to Salesforce. This can be done natively as well as via buttons and Salesforce formulas. .

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