Headcount Approval and Planning Process

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Headcount Approval Process

Head count, budgeting, and capacity planning all in one doc.


One of a company’s largest spends is hiring and yet there is no one single source of truth for headcount needs. Often, we find teams are working in a bubble — whether it’s the finance team nose deep in planning docs and spreadsheets, recruiting on their ATS, or HROps on HRIS.
In the best case scenario, disparate tools means everything has to be manually updated across multiple platforms just to get a clear picture on headcount needs.
In the worst case scenario, we have open roles when there isn’t budget approval.


Say goodbye to lost email chains, back room horse trading, and the black box of headcount approvals... and say hello to a customized way to collaborate on headcount requests, streamline approvals, and increase visibility.


Roles Approved :
Total Roles Requested:
Roles Pending Approval:
@Pizza Eater
@Evil Scientist
@Lion Tamer
@Food Tester
@Dog walker
@Security Engineer
@Recruiting Coordinator

Finance Approval
Evil Scientist
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Rosetta Phan
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Rosetta Phan
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Sharon Lo
Lion Tamer
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Sharon Lo
Dog walker
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Harry Dannenbaum
Security Engineer
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Mithi Sagala
Recruiting Coordinator
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Alice Ly
Leadership Approval
Pizza Eater
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Rosetta Phan
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Rosetta Phan
Food Tester
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Sharon Lo
Role Approved
Treasure Hunter
Hiring Manager/Submitter
Rosetta Phan
Roles Requested by Dept
Roles By Priority

Getting Started

Step 0

Copy the doc template and customize.

Step 1

Submit a headcount request(s).

Step 2

Finance team to review and allocate funds.

Step 3

Leadership team to review and align with company wide goals.

Step 4

Recruiting to approve that there is capacity to support a new role.

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