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Getting Started with the Greenhouse Pack

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Getting Started with the Greenhouse Pack

Getting the most from Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a powerful ATS. It helps us stay organized and focused on finding the best candidates for the job. Although Greenhouse offers robust reporting and analytics features, translating the numbers into stories that can drive meaningful business decisions isn’t easy.
The process is cumbersome and frankly, exhausting. Many of us end up have to export the data to excel or gsheets, clean it up, extrapolate the data, build a visualization, and then add it to our deck for the next meeting with our stakeholders. And do it all over the next time we meet. It slows us down from doing our job — finding incredible talent.
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Welcome the Greenhouse Pack

With the Greenhouse pack, you are able to not only pull and push real-time data to and from greenhouse — like interview data, tags, candidate data — but you are also able to scalable-ly organize data and build beautiful visualizations directly to a doc where you and your team (Hiring Managers, Sourcers, Coordinators, etc.) can collaborate.
We used greenhouse’s robust to power this pack, so if there are features missing you would like to see let us know.
Wait, you still don’t get packs? Check out for more details.
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Check out a few amazing templates:

Setting up Greenhouse Pack


Add the Greenhouse Pack to your Doc

Add the Greenhouse Pack (1).gif

Connect your Greenhouse Account

To authenticate Greenhouse, enter your credentials (API key). Reach out to your Greenhouse Admin. (2).gif

Set Permissions

Select who can have access to the data. (3).gif

Sync Data

Drag and drop the relevant tables you want to sync. For more details check out: (4).gif


Get the most from your data by keeping it clean. (5).gif
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