Premier Launch

Hypercare - Order Nurture

Launch - Wed Jan 17, 2024
Number of working days to confirm orders are working as intended? 2-4 working days
4 working days would include the weekend, end Mon Jan 22

what to check?
orders are processed by Magento properly (WQ)
confirmation email sent to customer.
shipping confirmation email with tracking information is sent to customer.
orders are received by QAD properly
EDI report sent out hourly. (Ron, Maria, Tracie, Premier CS, Josh)
payment methods = CC and PayPal
all holds are working properly
credit holds managed by Michele
tax holds managed by Josh
price holds managed by Pricing/Toni
orders are shipped properly.
UPS only
2-day and next-day offered on all orders
free ground shipping for orders over $15
tracking information is sent to Magento at the end of the day.
orders are invoiced properly
invoice created in QAD (Michele)
payment is captured per order (Michele)

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