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MFG/Fabrication Doc

Your resource for all things RNT digital fabrication related.
Here you will find tutorials and resources for RNT’s shop facilities at the San Diego and Ventura Locations.

Start here!

Join the MFG Channel in Microsoft Teams to ask direct about 3D prints, laser cuts, and fabrication in general. Link here:

What is this doc, anyway?

This is RNT’s living document for digital fabrication tools, managed by the MFG.
Because this doc is for both offices, items regarding San Diego specifically are color coded like this. Items regarding Ventura are colored like this.
A place for real-time updates: The MFG will update here as new equipment and info comes through.
The MFG is taking a point position in regards to shop operations. Please reach out to us with any questions/comments. If something is beyond our jurisdiction, we can still help you find the person who might be able to help.

A few reminders.

Because all of our goals are reflections of the company’s mission and values, we’ve added them below.
MFG Mission
The Maker Focus Group’s Mission is to enable RNT employees to use all the tools at the office’s disposal and encourage a culture of making and exploration.
Our values
Willingness to learn - All levels of comfort in making things are useful and encouraged.
Participation - We value the contribution of all employees, direct or indirect.

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