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About Smart Lists

Keep your budget on track with lists that pull from your shopping history to estimate cost!
I’ve tried a lot of shopping list apps and none of them have a great way to estimate how much money I’m going to spend when I get to the register (or online checkout). This smart list was designed with that problem in mind. As you enter the receipt data on items you buy, your future shopping lists become smarter!

How to use this Doc 💡

Click the button to copy the doc for yourself 👉
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Go to and start entering items from your receipts (feel free to get rid of the pre-existing sample items) - this part may seem like a lot of work, but it’s worth it!
Start making smart lists for your next shopping trip

👉 On the go? and take your list with you! Swipe to delete items in your smart list, or add items directly to your shopping data as you shop for a walking estimate.

Features 🛒

A table containing all of your previous shopping history, including item, price, category, and more.
Quickly create new shopping lists that pull from shopping history, giving you cost estimates.
Update quantities in your shopping list if you buy more than one of an item.
Use the “Finished Shopping?” Button to quickly clear your list
Save items for later if you don’t want the “Finished Shopping?” button to clear those items
⚡⚡⚡Pro tip ⚡⚡⚡: Use this doc as a walking estimator by adding items directly to your Shopping Data while you shop. If you’re in your smart list, the option is hidden in your Smart List’s “Add Item” menu.
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