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Internal Process

Onboarding Process Sequence Diagram
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System Specification for QCP Inventory and Task Management System

The system will be a central hub for managing server inventory allocated to clients, tracking hardware status in real-time (where API access is available from providers like Hetzner and OVH), and overseeing the client onboarding process, task assignments, and managing service requests.
Functional Requirements:
Inventory Management:
Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all servers, including specifications, status, and allocation to clients.
Provide real-time status updates from server providers through their APIs (if available).
Categorize servers based on the plans they support.
Client Onboarding and Task Automation:
Automate the onboarding process based on the selected plan.
Trigger task creation for setup, configuration, and customization of services.
Send automated emails and alerts to clients and internal teams at each step of the onboarding process.
Dashboard and Reporting:
A comprehensive dashboard displaying the status of all hardware, active tasks, and client onboarding progress.
Customizable views and reports for various operational metrics.
Task Management and Service Requests:
Assign and track tasks related to server maintenance, Server requests, and internal workflows.
Manage and prioritize service requests from clients, with ticketing system integration.
Integration with Providers:
API integration with Hetzner, OVH, and other server providers for real-time hardware status and inventory updates.
Integration with email service for communication automation.
Security and Access Control:
Secure authentication and data encryption to protect sensitive information.
User Stories:
As an admin, I want to:
View and manage the entire server inventory from all providers.
Onboard a client and automatically assign tasks to relevant teams.
Receive notifications if there are issues with the hardware status or during the onboarding process.
As a support staff member, I want to:
View tasks assigned to me and update their status upon completion.
View details of client plans and the corresponding server requirements.
Access client service requests and respond to them in a timely manner.
As a client, I want to:
Receive updates on the status of my server and onboarding process.
Have a dashboard to see the performance and status of my allocated hardware.
As a manager, I want to:
Have an overview of operational metrics, such as server utilization, client onboarding stages, and task completion rates.
Generate reports on inventory status, client onboarding progress, and service request resolution times.

Technology Stack:
Bubble.io/Retool for the core platform development.
Third-party server provider APIs for integration.
Email service API (like SendGrid or Brevo) for sending emails and alerts

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