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Monthly Catch-up Talk (Staff Name)
Date to be in the position: [HR input]
Job Title: Operation Manager
Job Summary:
We are seeking a strategic and detail-oriented Operations Manager to spearhead our store and lead department, with a keen focus on managing the profit and loss (P/L) ledger, optimizing cost-control measures, and spearheading revenue growth through strategic demand-supply balance. The ideal candidate will possess a solid grasp of market dynamics to guide pricing, acquisition, and service scope decisions, and will be adept at steering the team with precise manpower management to achieve operational excellence.
Key Responsibilities:
P/L Management: Take full ownership of the department’s P/L, employing robust strategies to streamline costs while amplifying revenue.
Cost Control: Scrutinize operational expenses to identify cost-saving opportunities without compromising on quality or efficiency.
Revenue Growth: Drive revenue enhancement by mastering demand-supply dynamics, astutely managing inventory, and optimizing pricing strategies.
SOP Compliance and Policy Alignment: Ensure that all SOPs are robust, current, and fully compliant with the latest company policies, facilitating seamless department operations.
Team Leadership and Performance: Lead by example to foster a high-performance team capable of delivering on the company's quality targets, ensuring the team is well-aligned with the company’s objectives.
Strategic Planning and Reporting: Provide comprehensive reports that offer insights into financial and operational performance, and work closely with the GM to refine and implement company strategies.
Supply and Demand Management: Navigate the complexities of market trends to make informed decisions on acquisitions, maintaining a keen focus on quality standards and cost-effective supply chain management.
Operational Excellence: Ensure smooth day-to-day operations, preemptively addressing any factors that could impact business continuity or revenue.
Human Resource Efficiency: Effectively manage the department’s manpower, ensuring that staffing levels are optimized to meet operational demands without excess.
Job Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree with 5 years experiences in Operations field with track record in managing multiple stakeholders and cross-functional teams;
eCommerce exposure is definitely an advantage;
Ability to organize time well, set priorities and possess a strong work ethic;
Digital savvy and sound knowledge of mobile app or digital products;
Self-starter, multi-tasker, proactivity in taking responsibility & flexibility to changes;
Strong analytical and problem-solving mindset with the ability to think critically and propose effective solutions;
Excellent communication skill in both written and verbal Chinese & English
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