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Monthly Catch-up Talk (Staff Name)
1. JD of [Position] (Example)

1.2. Concrete Duties Expected


Always foretell with reasons / objectives for every task so that the person understand the impact and the consequence

Based on the JD, here is the expected concrete duties:
P/L Management Duties:
Regularly review and analyze the department’s financial statements.
Identify and implement strategies to reduce costs and maximize profits.
Cost Control Duties:
Conduct detailed cost-benefit analyses for operational expenses.
Negotiate with suppliers and service providers to lower costs without compromising service quality.
Revenue Enhancement Duties:
Monitor market trends and consumer demands to adjust inventory and pricing strategies.
Explore and develop new revenue streams through market analysis and strategic planning.
SOP and Policy Compliance Duties:
Update and refine SOPs to ensure operational efficiency and compliance with corporate policies.
Train staff on SOPs and conduct regular audits to ensure adherence.
Team Leadership Duties:
Set clear team goals, conduct performance reviews, and provide constructive feedback.
Mentor and coach team members to cultivate skills and achieve career growth.
Strategic Planning and Reporting Duties:
Prepare detailed reports on operational performance metrics for review with the General Manager.
Utilize data from reports to inform and adjust operational strategies for improved outcomes.
Supply and Demand Management Duties:
Oversee inventory levels to ensure product availability aligns with fluctuating demand.
Maintain high standards for procurement to ensure all products meet the company’s quality requirements.
Operational Excellence Duties:
Oversee the day-to-day operations of the department, ensuring smooth functioning and customer satisfaction.
Implement process improvements to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.
Human Resource Efficiency Duties:
Optimize staffing schedules and workload distribution to ensure operational demands are met efficiently.
Manage recruitment, hiring, and training processes to maintain a workforce capable of meeting operational needs.

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