Renewable Energy in South Africa

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RSA Target : 26 030 MW by2030
(As of Nov 2021)

This document got started because I was frustrated by the lack of information about the progress that South Africa has been making/ not making on installing renewable energy. So I started collecting my own. And I was blown away.

This is still in the very early days of collecting data, and already I have listed a total of
MW of renewable energy. And before anybody says “Buuut, the sun doesn’t shine at night!!”: I have counted a total of
MWh of storage so far. Further, there is a total of
MW of Wind power installation. And the wind blows at all times of the day.

This contains a searchable list of energy projects in RSA. Search by country, province, or town.
Or check which developer has the most projects, or the most Megawatt.
This is a list of possible ways to store energy, it is very, very early in the building of this table. It is on storage energy types in general, not implementation projects
As I mentioned, this is in the very early stages of compilation. There was an announcement recently of another 2500MW of projects, and another round of applications for 2500MW of renewable energy will start in January 2022 in the next wave of projects.

On top of that, I have not yet searched for any announcements of electricity to be generated as part of the embedded generation now allowed to mines and large industrial companies. Nor do I take into account “small” projects, like those done by

And finally, in the fullness of time, I will get to Energy Storage systems implemented in South Africa.

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