Case clinic

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What will I do with what I have learned / new insights ?

Formaat : fishbowl / intervisie

Ask participants to collect a number of cases that we can handle. No promise we can treat all of them, but this way we build a database of difficult situations for which the possible solutions go a bit further than applying the governance code.

Case Structure:

Coach Name
Vb Katja Taelemans
Circle / role name
Example: Collab Drongen
Case Title
just a title, to identify the case
Example: Circle is blocked
factual description of the situation
Example: during meetings, the group is very passive. It seems to be a nuisance for them. They want to get back to their work asap. There are hardly any tensions. The projects don’t get updates (”what is this project again? Ah no, I haven’t had the time for that”). People only do their PRC / expert role.
What I have tried already as a coach
I have reexplained things. I have put actions. I have given examples of tensions. I have helped them to better define their indicators.
What other solutions could I explore?
There are no rows in this table

Process - Fish Bowl (short reminder her below)
Case holder sits in a chair
Up to two other people sit in chairs close to the case holder. A fourth chair is left available for whenever a new person joins the center. These two persons are the coaches of the person coming with a case.
The coaches start to coach the case holder. Any tool can be used. They try to focus on applying the tools and insights they have got from the offsite so far.
The rest of the participants observe and listen. Anyone can stand up, walk and sit in the empty chair. At this moment one of the two coaches in the center needs to leave its seat open. He/she stands up and return to take a free seat on the outside.
20 minutes per case.
3 rounds in total.

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