Dhawan Raghav F23 Mad 4114 IOS

10-lesson learning plan to teach a Dhawan how to build iOS Swift mobile applications:

This will incorporate MAD 5274 Capstone to frame the Project Management and Marketing aspects. At the conclusion of this program, Dhawan will have completed the hours and requirements for Mad 4114 and Mad 5274

Lesson 1: Introduction to iOS Development

* Overview of the iOS ecosystem

* Understanding the differences between iOS and other mobile platforms

* Setting up the development environment: Xcode, Swift, and iOS SDK

Lesson 2: Swift Programming Language Basics

* Introduction to Swift syntax and data types

* Variables, constants,

Lesson 3: Controls and Layouts
* Understanding the different types of controls (buttons, labels, text fields, etc.)
* Creating and configuring views and layouts using Interface Builder and code
* Implementing user interface elements such as tab bars, navigation controllers, and search bars

Lesson 4: Data Storage and Management
* Understanding the different data storage options available in iOS (e.g., Core Data, SQLite, document directory)
* Implementing data model classes and entities
* Creating and querying databases using SQL and Swift

Lesson 5: Networking and APIs* Understanding HTTP request and response cycles
* Making API calls using URLSession and Alamofire* Parsing JSON and XML data in Swift

Lesson 6: Authentication and Authorization
* Understanding the concept of authentication and authorization in iOS* Implementing authentication with Firebase, Google Sign-In, Facebook Login, and other services* Securing user data and implementing access controlLesson 7: Core Location and Maps* Understanding the Core Location framework and its capabilities* Requesting and managing location permissions* Displaying maps and annotations using MapKit and Apple MapsLesson 8: Camera and Photo Library Access* Understanding the AV Foundation framework and its capabilities

* Capturing photos andvideo using AVCaptureSession and UIImagePickerController

* Accessing photo libraries and camera rolls for read and write operations

Lesson 9: Notifications and Alerts
* Understanding the different types of notifications in iOS (e.g., local, remote, push)
* Creating and customizing notification content
* Scheduling and delivering notifications using UNNotificationRequest and UILocalNotification
Lesson 10: App Distribution and Marketing
* Understanding the different distribution channels for iOS apps (e.g., App Store, TestFlight, enterprise deployment)
* Preparing app metadata,screenshots, and promotional materials for app store listing

* Submitting apps to the App Store and navigating the review process
* Utilizing analytics and marketing tools to track app performance and reach new users

Additional Professional Workflows and Best Practices:
* Following Apple's design guidelines and human interface principles* Writing clean, modular, and maintainable code
* Debugging and testing techniques
* Utilizing version control and collaboration tools (e.g., Git, GitHub)

* Staying up-to-date with Swift and iOS updates and features.

By following this 10-lesson plan, Dhawan has gained a comprehensive understanding of how to build iOS application.

Learning Steps Progression:
Make a core data model
Front end your data model with a table view controller
How to access the camera: Make an app to store photos / with a title and description into your own Core Data Model.
How to access Google Maps and drop Annotation Pins on the Map. Geofencing: Make an app to record locations with title and description.
Make an App to Access the GPS: and store records into core data model with some comments or other details.

Dropbox location to upload asych work bundles:

Saturday September 30: 6 pm to 9 pm
Overview of the MAD 4114 Advanced IOS Application Development Course
Integration of MAD 4114 with the other courses in our Course of Study
Setup of learning systems and learning materials

Asynch Work Assignment:
Developing IOS Core data (step one of learning plan: async activity Monday Oct 30)

Tuesday October 3 IOS Plan
IOS Mad 4114: Checkpoint on core data: next step: wrap this up into a Model View Controller: First App
2nd App: Integrate the camera: taking pictures and storing them into a Core Data Model
1 st Lab Test: Make an App which accesses the Camera: and stores images into a Core Data data store.
This will be the first build up to the project: Travel Journal App. : Follow ons will be to integrate
Step 2 of Plan: will be to front end your Core Data Model with a table to input/display data.
Asychronous Learning Bundles:
1. zip up project folder
2. or - we can meet together in class and do it together.

Current Vision for the Project for MAD 4114 IOS: An APP which integrates:
Camera, storing photos into a Core Data Store/Model
Where you make a Travel Journal Entry into your APP: you app will acquire the GPS coordinates from the PHONE: make a record / which include one or several photos, Title, Description, Google Map with Annotation Markers on the Map.

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