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Lean-Agile Portfolio Management for a Modern Strategic Planning
3. Portfolio KanBan

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3.3 Analysis Stage

Task Page. Here each Epic/Enabler Owner analyzes, one by one, all the Epics and Enablers already reviewed, with special emphasis on constructing a Lean Business Case. This is a responsibility and a Task for the Epic/Enabler Owner
Epic/Enabler Owner is responsible for analyzing the Epic or Enabler. An important part of this is to construct a Lean Business Case. It is also necessary to define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and refine costs and the WSJF index in order to prioritize Epics and Enablers that will end up in the Portfolio Backlog. The Epic/Enabler Owner should do the following Steps:
Construct a Lean Business Case for the Epics or Enablers in which the Owner is working ...
STEP 1: Draw your Epic/Enabler from the Reviewing Column into the Analyzing Column. Do this
. Make sure to enter the date in which the Epic is moved into the Analysis Stage.
STEP 2: Take into account that the Analyzing Column of the KanBan Board has a WIP limit
STEP 3: Take time to construct your Lean Business Case for the Epic/Enabler
STEP 4: Consult with experts on the subject, within the Enterprise
STEP 5: Put special emphasis on Designing your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Complete other fields as well
STEP 6: Review your work and change or adjust if necessary
Prioritization by Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)" ...
STEP 7: Go to the Bottom of the Table and find the Fields for WSJF. Cost of Delay and Job Duration
STEP 8: Reevaluate estimates on Cost of Delay and Job Duration, based on new information generated
STEP 9: If an Epic/Enabler estimates are over 20, Epic/Enabler should be divided further
STEP 10: If that is the case, propose a division of Epic/Enabler, creating a new Epic/Enabler
STEP 11: Include new Epic in the Funnel and adjust current Epic/Enabler as necessary
STEP 12: Review Prioritization results, compare to other Epics/Enablers, and change or adjust if necessary
STEP 13: Apply two way write-ups technique. Send page for reading to stakeholders, and request feedback
Epic/Enabler Lean Business Case
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Analysis Stage
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