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PSR Show formats

Guest Show
A show done live from the studio
Usual length: 1 hour for 1 DJ / 1.5 hours if 2 DJs B2B
The showmaker speaks to the microphone (at least says hello)
A is added in the beginning
Public show - it can be managed by all curators
Preposition “with” is used in the name - e.g. GUEST SHOW WITH GITANAS
Guest Mix
A prerecorded mix
Made exclusively for PSR
Usual length: 1 hour
We do not accept mixes that were featured in other channels
A is added in the beginning
Public show - it can be managed by all curators
Preposition “by” is used in the name - eg. GUEST MIX BY DALIA
Show Episode
A regular show that is archived in PSR archive
Happens on a monthly basis (or less often)
The show is registered in our
After 5 episodes, a recurring libretime block is created
Showmaker does the editing + archiving himself after 5 episodes
Libretime show
A show that shuffles tracks and mixes on Libretime (e.g. Mamos Muzika )
Registered in our
Can be created by all curators
An interview show done in PSR studio or online
Can be live or prerecorded
Public show - it can be hosted by all curators
Event recordings
Public show - it can be managed by all curators

We can give DJs the mixtape files, if they want to archive them personally too. Just in this case we ask to credit PSR in the name / description
We aim to archive all shows that are made in PSR, because curators put in the work to host them. (Unless it’s an extraordinary situation and things are really broken / offensive things are said)
We do not tolerate unethical / offensive talk / behaviour in the shows. Whatever does not coincide with PSR Values, is not welcome here. If something offensive is said during the show, it must be cut out or can’t be archived. Curators are responsible to react if something like this happens.
Inform showmakers about old, slow USBs - that it can freeze in our controller, etc. Also, having a second one is always a good practise.

Curator’s checklist:

Create the event in Google Calendar
Do it ASAP, because empty slots can get booked fast

Create a block in Libre Time ​When editing existing blocks, click “Edit Instance” or “Delete Instance”, but not “Edit Show” / “Delete Show”. “Instance” means a particular block of that day, and not all of it repetitions in the future
Write down the name of your block in ALL CAPS
Add the description
Upload the artwork (up to 1Mb in size). Can be GIFs too
Save the block by clicking (Save / Create). After saving, check if the artwork is displayed in the web - sometimes it fails to upload
Add a jingle + ambience in the background. (E.g. schedule the playlist “Going Live”)
Receive all the info from the showmaker at least 1 day before the show
Name of the DJ / show-maker
Show description in English
During the day of the show, announce it on social media ​Instagram: at least 3 hours before
Discord - optional
Facebook - optional
ℹ️ Tag the artists in posts
Host the show - Meet the showmaker at least 20 minutes before the show. - Check if the BUTT levels are OK. Aim for a signal at 0 db. (up to +1 db maximum) - Check if there is no premiere happening after your show and make sure it does not override.
Edit the recording ​
Archive the recording ​We aim to archive shows no later than 2 weeks after they happen
Give feedback to the showmaker
Feedback is one of the main reasons why people are doing things at PSR. Sharing is caring!

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