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1. Create the Artwork of the show

Create a copy of the template by clicking Duplicate to your drafts ( to find it click arrow down next to Ask to edit button)
⚠️ If you get a “missing fonts” pop up when trying to edit the text, you’ll need to download the font installer (, then refresh the browser window where you have Figma open
Text and thumb can be either black or white
Please check that the elements do not move (thumb, text)
Be creative (or not)

2. Achive on

2. Login. If you need login details, ask admins (e.g. Linas or Ignas)
3. In the menu select
4. Click Add new
5. Upload the recording of the show.
The recording must be in MP3 format.
6. Add the show’s artwork (with the text / PSR logo / etc)
7. Fill in all the required fields (this is a drop down list):
Written in ALL CAPS. The name of the actual recording - the title will go to Soundclod title (e.g. 6TAS KAVOS #3523 WITH DJ I AM GOOD or GUEST MIX BY VIPER).
The recurring name of the show (e.g. 6TAS KAVOS, PRINCES NATURE, etc),

The original date of the broadcast
. Easy to check in the
Select up to 3 for each category. Pro tip: do this while listening to the mix, you can feel it!
These are tags according to which Libretime shuffles the shows.
Use unique tags for your show, e.g. ropeselvee. Do not use generic words here, cause they can be mistakenly shuffled in other shows e.g. better use takeawayculture and not take away culture).
Tags for public shows are: ​Best - explanation neededthingzr - explanation neededthingzd- explanation neededthingzv - explanation neededrytinisrytas -explanation needed

8. Double check all the information multiple times
9. Click SAVE SHOW The system will upload the recording to multiple systems (Soundcloud & Mega, PSR Archive) .

10. Refresh the page and check if the links for Soundcloud / Mega appear.
If links do not appear after ~10 minutes, something is not right - the system encountered an error. In this case, inform Ignas or Linas and ask for help. It is possible to upload manually to some of the archives like Soundcloud

3. Share the mix with the artist

Optional: share insta story with a link to the mix

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.