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In the title of the calendar event:

Write YOUR INITIALS in the brackets, to show who's bookingE.g. PRASTI POPIERIAI #101 (LIVE, MS)
Write (LIVE) if the show is live from the studio (You’re booking the studio and libre time slot) E.g: NICE AND CRISPY #100 WITH IRA HOISA (LIVE, IC)
Write (LIBRE) if the show is a premiere of a prerecorded show or an event in a venue (You’re booking just the libre time slot - the studio is free) E.g: GERAS KLAUSIMAS #5 WITH BROKENCHORD (LIBRE, MS)
Write (STUDIO) if you just want to use the studio, but not stream E.g: DJ WORKSHOP (STUDIO, CK)
Write (PRIVATE) if privacy is needed (All shows are public to visit by default) E.g: LISTENING TO SILENCE (STUDIO, PRIVATE, LC)

If two consecutive shows are happening in the studio have a 30 minute gap in between to prepare (unless agreed differently with the other curator)
If the show is postponed or cancelled - delete or move the calendar block as soon as possible. Let’s give space for others
If you are booking a time slot for an event, select the exact hours. “All day” events don’t count

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