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All studio recordings are uploaded automatically to
Features of well edited audio files:
A more-or-less even volume level (unless silent parts are needed)
Loudest parts should be up to -0.1 dB
No clipping should be present

How to edit mixes in Adobe Audition

Fix possibly clipped samples Open the file in the Waveform Editor Use a function: Effects - Diagnostics - Declipper Scan using settings like these:
Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 21.40.11.png
Repair the clipped samples if some were found Scan again Repeat the process if needed ​Normalize the volume
While still in the Waveform Editor, run Normalize to -0.1 dB (can be found through Help)
If peaks are seen, manually reduce the volume of the loudest parts with Adjust amplitude tool. Be sensitive, don’t overdo it. Listen back to check if there are no jumps in the volume.
Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 20.59.17.png
After manual corrections to volume levels, run Normalize to -0.1 dB again
If more control is needed of loudness correction, insert the audio file to Multitrack and do it there

Add a jingle if there is none
Possible to add a jingle in a Multitrack Editor of Adobe Audition
For Guest Mixes and Guest shows use
For personal shows ask the showmaker to create a jingle or make one by yourself

Export the file in MP3 320 kbps ​In Waveform view - File - Export - File...
In Multitrack view - File - Export - Multitrack Mixdown - Entire Session

Create a slow start (e.g. 3 sec fade in) to recordings, because Libretime cuts off a few seconds when crossfading between tracks
If an unedited show recording was scheduled in Libretime during a premiere, delete the audio file there afterwards. When uploading edited audio files through CMS, they are also uploaded to Libretime.

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