UX Techdegree Study Guide

UX Techdegree Study Guide

Hey there! 👋 My name is Daniel and I’m the Student Success Specialist for the UX Techdegree at Treehouse. Two years ago I was in the exact same place you’re in now: I was ready for a change, enrolled in the UXTD, hoping to land my first design job within the tech industry.
Now, it’s my mission to best prepare you for your transition into UX Design. So, here are a few resources I’ve found along the journey. As well as a handful of frequently asked questions I was looking to provide answers for. This document doesn’t contain any required materials, only additional content to support the curriculum provided by the Treehouse UX Techdegree program.
Furthermore, this is a document that you should refer back to throughout your UX journey, not something you should study and have memorized from top to bottom. 👍
💡 (Note: The following resources have been sorted by the unit in which the topic appears in the UXTD. Also, this is a living document that will continue to grow and evolve over time. If you have any recommendations please reach out to me in Slack or email me at: Daniel@teamtreehouse.com)

Table of Contents

Case Study One 👕

Case Study Two 🛒

Case Study Three ✉️

Capstone Project 💻

Bonus Materials

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