The Ultimate Notion vs Coda Evaluation Guide in 2024

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Everyone gets stuck at some point. The question is how easily you can find help to get unstuck.
As I’ve mentioned previously, Notion rose to popularity largely because of a huge online following. This large and growing group of people have built and foster a variety of thriving communities across Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and more. These communities offer fantastic camaraderie and sources of inspiration as well as a place to ask questions when you run into trouble. Historically, Notion has relied heavily on these communities as sources of support. And while they now staff an onsite support team, they are often not able to provide quick responses, even for paying customers. Unfortunately, this reliance on communities and the lack of internal staffing has resulted in a variety of customers having very unsavory experiences (some recent examples:
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Coda has a well trafficked public , but it is not nearly as large or highly trafficked as many of Notion’s. On the other hand, Coda has had an exemplary, well staffed support team from the very beginning. You can always click the question mark in the bottom of your doc and know that a human will promptly respond to your questions.
While this trade off might not be important for everyone, I’ve heard from many companies that it was a strong motivator to migrate to Coda—when you entrust your most important information to a tool, it’s important to be able to get help when things go wrong.


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