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Visualize your Energy Levels

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Every energy-depleting task shall be balanced out with a recharging task.

Allow me to clarify this doc and its intent.
This doc is based on the assumption that a regular day provides you with balanced energy, ie the tasks that drain your energy are balanced out with tasks that recharge you energy.
However, when’s the last time anyone had a regular day?
Rather, we routinely take on additional depleting tasks, while failing to balance these out with recharging tasks.
This doc aims to visualize this trade-off: :
Whenever anything unforeseen arises, you jot it down quickly (be it impromptu work, an unexpected errand, etc).
You’ll remain in (energy) debt, until you consciously schedule in some time to recharge your energy levels.
The energy imbalance will visualize this, and urge you to restore your balance.

So glad you’re here,

2019, maybe?

Bye-Bye energy debt,
Hello Balance!
Before we get started:
Please go to to adjusting which activities regularly deplete your energy and which ones recharge your energy.
Thereafter, head on over to

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