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Visualize your Energy Levels

My energy levels

This document contains sample data. To start recording your own, please press:
Clear data
Record unforeseen events
Record energy depletion
Whenever something out of the ordinary comes up, be sure to record it.
This will visualize your energy depletion, thus prompting you to make sure to offset it with an energy recharging activity of the same duration.

Visualize your current energy debt

Sum Depleting Tasks:
7 hrs 15 mins

(ie blocks of 15 minutes’ duration)
of depleting events

Resulting in the following
Energy Imbalance:
Negative Events
Positive Events
Sum Recharging Tasks:
2 hrs 47 mins


of recharging events

Schedule your recharge
Schedule recharge
Depleting events never ask whether you have room for them on your schedule, they just show up.
Recharging events, however, tend not to happen unless you specifically plan for them.
The goal is to achieve energy balance over the course of each week.
You will therefore receive notifications throughout each week, prompting you to schedule recharging activities, for as long as you remain in energy debt.

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