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This template can be copied to your Coda workspace and you can use the YNAB budgeting system without the need for a monthly app subscription, or having to keep track of the your expenses in Excel.

This is an unofficial template and I claim no affiliation with YNAB.

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If you haven’t read , I highly recommend you do that first, as you won’t get any major benefit from using this page without it.

Why have I created this template? YNAB has positively affected my life since I’ve started using it, and I’ve been telling people I know about it. Most of them lose interest when they learn about the subscription, which in my part of the world is not so cheap compared to the average salary. So I’ve made this template for everyone that enjoyed the trial, but couldn’t afford to keep going. Once they start getting their finances in order they might reconsider using !

This is a free template I made in my spare time, so there are limitations:
No age of money calculation.
No accounts.
No category groups.
No automatic money assignment.
No reconciliation or clearing transactions.
No recurring transactions.
Only two types of goals.
Overspending must be covered by manually reducing one category, and increasing the overspent category.
and more...
Example data is added for September to December of 2022, so use the date pickers to change the dates if you don’t see any transactions or budgets.
Once you’ve played around with the document a bit, you can clear the example transactions, budgets, goals, categories, and payees using this button and afterwards delete this page.
Clear example data
Finally you are free to change the document to best fit your needs.
Happy budgeting 🚀

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