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If you want to integrate your contacts from SFDC, please reach out to your account team who can help. Some Salesforce instances are a bit funky and need some TLC in order to get them setup properly. Once it is setup, you don’t have to do it again.
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Meeting Notes
Intro to Coda
Closing call with Head of HR
Miko Valentine
Coda Day sync
Blanca Kidd, James Page, Shelly Hansen
Intro to Coda — Head of Sales
James Johnson, Hilary Sparks
Client Attendees
Our Attendees
Alan Chowansky
Adam Davis
Name or topic
Intro to Coda
Deedee is a Product Manager
Creates a lot of product documentation and briefs
Wants to create a team hub to track all their team’s documentation and best practices
currently using Google docs but unhappy with how many docs there are and how it’s so unorganized
she’s already created a wiki on google but wants to migrate to Coda
wants it to be used by PMs and engineers
asked about slack integration
walked through Coda’s building blocks, how you can import from google docs
worried about access — how to share with her team, how to prevent others from editing
next steps: send resources and schedule a follow up call
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