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How to use this template

Getting started is easy! Follow the steps below to start using this template:

This video quickly walks you through how to customize the magical parts of Coda to fit your needs

If you’re more of a directions person, see below:

1️⃣ Click the “copy doc” button in the top right.
2️⃣ You’ll be prompted to Rename your doc and choose where you want to put your doc.
Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 9.24.18 AM.png
3️⃣ The doc is now yours! You can share the doc with any team members when you are ready by clicking “Share” in the top right corner.
4️⃣ The doc is organized into 3 sections: 1.) how you manage the account internally 2.) how you manage the customer relationship 3.) your CRM. Note, if you get stuck connecting the Salesforce Pack, please reach out to your account team and they can help you. Some Salesforce instances can be tricky and require a little more TLC.
5️⃣ On the top level executive summary page, you can start to delete information and add in your account specific information. It works similar to a Google Doc so have at it.
6️⃣The page is your home for documenting everything you and the team are working on for the account for the upcoming weeks, quarter, year. Simply click the “delete sample data” button. You can customize the table how you’d like. If you want to change the initiatives, hover over the column title “Initiatives” and then select “Select List Options”. You can delete each option or start to write over and add more.
Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 9.32.26 AM.png
7️⃣ In order to add priority action plan items to the executive summary simply click the “Priority” emojis.
Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 9.34.28 AM.png
8️⃣ You can delete pages that you want by hovering over the page and clicking the 3 vertical dots to the right > delete.
9️⃣ You can add pages by clicking “New Page” at the bottom left hand navigation panel. Then, drag and drop it to wherever you’d like.
🔟 Page Embeds allows you to embed app data from elsewhere into Coda. To enable this, hover over “New Page” at the bottom left navigation panel > click on the drop down arrow to the right > click “New Embed”. You’ll be prompted to embed another Coda doc, a variety of apps, or a link. Most common use cases for this are Org Charts from LucidChart, Miro, Figma., RFPs or other documentation that may live in Google Docs, etc.

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