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Copper Pack Demo: Docket Numbering

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Data that comes in from a sync table can’t be edited directly, but we can modify it with formulas that are part of the Copper Pack. In this case, we’re interested in UpdateOppCustomField() and RenameOpportunity()
To recap, when an Opportunity comes in, we want to:
Generate the next available docket number in the sequence
Add that docket number to a custom field on the Opportunity
Add the docket number into the Opportunity name, so that we end up with “Opportunity Name (number)”

We can accomplish all of this with an automation: you can see it in action by choosing the cog wheel icon ⚙️ in the top right → Automations.
Here’s how our automation works:
When a row is changed in the Opportunities Sync Table (which includes when new rows are created)...
Check if the Docket Num is blank. If so...
Update the custom field for docket number, and rename the opportunity to include the number in brackets:

RunActions( UpdateOppCustomField( [Your Copper Account], thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[Copper Url], "Opportunity Number", [Next Available Number] ), RenameOpportunity( [Your Copper Account], thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[Copper Url], Concatenate( thisRow.[Step 1 Result].Opportunity.OpportunityName, " (", [Next Available Number], ")" ) ))

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