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2H Initiatives

New Homepage Update
New Homepage to start being rolled out to stakeholders in the next week. The design is an iteration on the work we’ve done over the past year. Giving us a fresher look. Major goals
Improve Conversions (or at least do no harm).
Present ourselves as a global brand
Improve headlines and value props
Enable Hyper Personalization
Easily make adjustments as copywriter work continues
CleanShot 2022-07-12 at 15.28.09@2x.png
Hot Form Fills
Work cross functionally to create and execute strategies for both the short and long-term to drive additional hot hand-raises. This will involve a combined effort from paid media, SEO, demand, and experience.
We’re looking at several different options right now from nurture tracts, to new SEO terms, to paid media strategies that can use our large audience to propel additional interest in our product.
Hyper Personalization
A medium term strategy for driving additional engagement and conversions on the site is leveraging our technology stack and audience tracking to develop a hyper personalized user experience across the whole web experience. This means matching CTAs, copy, and even page structure to accelerate the user journey.
The upshot of this is no longer needing to develop messaging and sites based on the widest possible net — instead, tuning messaging and next actions to the users problems and place in the buyer journey.
CleanShot 2022-07-12 at 15.41.35@2x.png
Interactive Product Demo
We’ll finish the Interactive Product Demo Director tour and begin an overall organic test to help accelerate hot form fills.

Why OnBoard?
There’s several ‘capability’ pages that just don’t match our messaging or currently showcase the true solutions our product provides. Hopefully with the help of our copywriter, we can make headway on revamping these pages to match the real-world problems we solve.

We’ve already been working closely with the international teams to help streamline their experience and deliverable requests and ensure our website remains and center of excellence. We’ll continue to help launch events, create landing pages, and hone industry pages.
But as we look to the future, this will mean a more personalized country specific approach. We’re still investigating the merits of an automatic redirect vs leveraging personalization solution to deliver regional flavor to the experience.

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