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Tech Stack Ready For Hyper Personalization?
I need to know whether and when our tech stack may be ready for hyper personalization. And I am not sure how we know we know! I know i’ve heard that the 6sense implementation ‘isn’t done’ but I am unclear if that would stand in the way of deployment.

While getting Rebecca up to speed will be very helpful in terms of event set ups for the rest of this year — she will end up on the product team in 2023 and my bandwidth is running out of room to scale.
There’s initiatives and strategy that just is being left on the cutting room floor right now (Why OnBoard, Homepage, IPD, and thankfully new product pages have been slow) but digital experience is running out of room to scale on day-to-day deliverables vs long term projects. As we look toward 23’, what we want to do in international and eScribe is not going to be possible under current constraints.

Source of Truth Around Attribution
I’ve got my own formulation of First Touch Hot Form Fills by the month reporting coupled with Google Analytics. But a declaration of what counts as a hot form fill and how we categorize it ought to be unified across teams

Paid Media Testing
Finally, as we think about hot form fills, we need a better way to test new paid media experiences. As it stands, it seems like I am introducing too much risk by changing anything on existing pages and there needs to be improved overarching strategy between Paid, SEO, and Web without feeling like we’re making a trade-off between whats currently working and what could work better.
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