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Animaker AI

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Animaker AI

Marketing Team:
Analysis industry, sub domain List
Scene List (Bg, Action, Templates, props) → (L&D, Warehouse)
Existing Character Tags & Category Done
Existing Bg Description Inprogress Today
Existing Action Description - 19 Apr

Template sheet Category Today
Raghav - Validation

Design team:
Vyond based template scene creation (Check the feasibility)
Needed to research on Scene Based Template with (Scene, Backgound, Props movement, Camera action, transition )
New Finance Template Done
New Healthcare Template. Done
Template Education Done
IT, Done
Talking Head Action 5sec, 10sec, and 15sec Sample 5Apr
Retail Template - Tuesday
Upload new talking head action to dev
Action for Scene keystroke template based (10)
Warehouse Template - 12 Apr
Template lips change for lipsync -
Ux flow for scene based video creation - 9Apr
Music Library Select for each template (10) - 12 Apr
Loop Action to jeffin team
Create Missing Library Component by industry (Bg, Action, Templates, props)→ (L&D, Warehouse)

AI team:
Integrated New Template Finance & Healthcare Inprogress → 1 Apr
Template Prompt Work Inprogress 1Apr
New Template integration
Build Rule Based Engine
Scene based template flow in exiting steve ai flow
Improve the Lipsync for Animaker

App Team:
AI Lipsync for Animaker Inprogress (Paid user and Animaker AI)
Loop Action POC - 12 Apr
Lipsync change Steve vs animaker - 10 Apr
New Template Integration - Devi - 10 Apr
ES update Done
Front End Parts integration -
Web APi Integration -

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