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Feedmont - Start a COVID-relief volunteer grocery delivery program

Volunteer Assignment Email


Thank you again for volunteering for Feedmont! You have been matched to a neighbor in need!
Please let us know as soon as possible if you are not willing to fulfill this assignment.

Below is information about your match:
Email address:
Phone number:
Delivery address:
Preferred grocery stores:
Payment method:

Please reach out to your match
via METHOD within 24 hours
to request their grocery list. Once you have received the list, please pick up the items as soon as possible.

Once you have purchased the groceries, send a picture of the receipt to both
your match AND the Feedmont team
(see phone number below), to confirm the purchase and give your match time to prepare reimbursement. Leave the receipt with your match when you drop off the groceries.

Example message:
Hello ___! My name is ___, and I’m a volunteer for Feedmont as well as a student from ___’s class of ___. I have been assigned to help pick up groceries and other essentials for you. Please send me your grocery list as soon as possible. Thanks!

text us at (510) 545-6845, email us at, or visit
if you have any questions

Thanks again for helping our community!

The Feedmont Team

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