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Feedmont - Start a COVID-relief volunteer grocery delivery program


Outreach Tips 🗣

Utilize Social Media
We used Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. to get the word out
When making a post/story/announcement be sure to
link the website
and explain what it is
Deliver Flyers
Create a flyer for your service, find ours
Reach out to close-by printing companies to see if they are willing to print flyers
Ask friends to help deliver these flyers into mailboxes (this is a great way for non-drivers to help out!)
Post on Nextdoor
Ask your friends to post into their neighborhoods on
Check out an example post
Maximize News Coverage
Reach out to your
local newspaper to have an article published about your cause
To make sure that the article is published ASAP, write it yourself.
Feel free to copy our article
Get into Newsletters
Email your city council members and schedule a time to explain Feedmont. Aim to have them include information about Feedmont in your city newsletters
Email school administrators and school government to have Feedmont included in your
school newsletter. Find example
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