The Ultimate College Packing List: UPenn Edition
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Random items that you actually will need!! I found that these were the most overlooked items in college packing lists/resources I found online.
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Trash bags
This depends on the size of your bin
Driver’s License
You will want to make sure to have some form of identification on you while you’re at school!! This is important for if you need to travel domestically or need to show identification at downtown events.
This is the exact umbrella I bought with one day shipping after it was pouring in Philly to the point that school had to be cancelled due to the Schuylkill River overflowing!!
In case you decide you want to travel somewhere international over break, I would highly recommend bringing your passport to school so you don’t have to deal with having it shipped to you last minute! Also, make sure that it isn’t expired/close to expiring!!
Carry-on size luggage
Good for shorter trips that you may take on weekends to New York, Fall Break, back home, etc.
Eye mask/ear plugs (things to make sleeping easier)
Dorm room blinds aren’t that effective and the thin walls mean that it can be very loud sometimes!! I personally sleep better with an eye mask. I don’t use ear plugs but I know some people do if they have roommates (I have a single).
Phone Case Wallet
You need your Penn ID to go everywhere on campus!! Even to use the bathroom!! It’s so easy to lose your card and it can be a hassle to have to get a temporary card when you leave your card in your room. That’s why you need a phone wallet to keep track of your Penn ID, real ID, and card. You can get these at the Penn bookstore but I would suggest not buying one until you get to campus since clubs and the school give out a lot of free ones!! This is a recommendation but not necessary because I know a few people (very much in the minority) that don’t have one.
Reusable water bottle
There are water bottle filling stations all over campus. I’d recommend investing in a reusable water bottle so that you don’t generate as much waste through consuming water from the readily available single-use plastic water bottles.
Contact Lenses/Glasses
If you are visually challenged like myself, make sure that you bring contacts/glasses. If you wear contacts, make sure you have enough to last you through the school year!! I’d also bring a pair of glasses even if you never wear them because it’s always good to have a back up in case you get pink eye (which unfortunately is way more common than you’d think––definitely not speaking from personal experience!!)
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