The Ultimate College Packing List: UPenn Edition
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Basics and add-ons you may want to get to make your living space the best it can be!!
General Dorm Supplies Packing List
Twin XL Mattress Topper
College mattresses are not comfortable!! Invest in a mattress topper!! The one I use is 2 inches, but you could do more depending on your personal preference.
Twin XL Comforter
Type of comforter is personal preference! I also used a weighted blanket but found that it was too warm in the summer/beginning of school
Comfortable Pillow
Type of pillow is up to personal preference. I like using a memory foam pillow!
Command hooks
Get these to hang up your towels, bags, etc. These are very versatile and can be used for many things. Personally, I only needed three (one to hang up my laundry bag, one for my body towel, and one for my hand towels).
TwinXL Sheet Set
I have two sheet sets so that when one set is in the wash I’ll always have sheets on the bed. Make sure to get TwinXL so that they fit on your dorm mattress!!
Clothing hangers
I suggest getting thin, space saving hangers since you don’t get much closet space in your dorm room!!
Twin XL Mattress Protector
Keeps the mattress topper in place
Area Rug
The floors of dorm rooms are cold and gross (depending on where you live you might not even have hardwood floors!). I’d recommend investing in an area rug to make your living area much more comfortable. I ordered
a month into school after I measured my room properly. If I had gone off of my room dimensions, the rug I originally wanted to order would have been too big to move in easily.
Full-length mirror
My room actually came with a mirror mounted to the back of the door of my closet, however if it didn’t come with it, I would have purchased this mirror that hangs on the door (my friend uses this exact one)
TwinXL Headboard
Depending on the layout of your room, you definitely don’t need to purchase this. I chose to get it because there was a gap between the wall and my bed so my pillow kept falling on the floor. I purchased this 5 months into school, since I had been using a piece of cardboard as a headboard, so it definitely is optional!!
Bed Risers
This one definitely depends on the size of your room. Mine was very small, so I wanted to have extra space under my bed to move my dresser under so I could have more space to take advantage of. However, I know many people who don’t have these.
I purchased this stool to be able to get onto my bed after I put it onto the bed risers. I appreciate the extra storage space and seating option for guests as well!!
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