The Ultimate College Packing List: UPenn Edition

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Aka how to win college move in!!
NOTE: I spent a lot of time making this and want to make sure you make the most of this doc, so read everything below!

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Hi there!! My name is Natalie and I’m a current freshman at UPenn. Coming from the Bay Area, I recently experienced how overwhelming it can be to move cross country into a tiny dorm room!! This template is meant to be the all-in-one place that makes it easy for you to manage your own packing and move-in process.

❓ Why I made this template

There were lots of things I wish I had known before moving into Penn. I wasn’t very on top of ordering things for my dorm room because researching items takes a lot more time and effort than I thought! There were a lot of things that I forgot to order or realized that I needed that I then had to research, order, and wait to be delivered while also juggling school. That’s why I made this doc!!

👆🏼 How to use this doc

Check out my for how to best navigate moving into UPenn!!
View the entire to see everything you will want to pack or purchase
: Things to get for your dorm
: Electronics you’ll want
: Things you’ll need for the bathroom
: My recommendations for what clothes to bring and tips for packing clothes!!
: Things that are most overlooked in packing lists I found online
See my recommendations for things that are been purchased by myself
Things I think are purchases
Finally, view some that I’ve seen and admired in other people’s dorm rooms!!
Now, let’s start planning your move in here: !!
Or make your move in list here: !!

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