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Daily Habit Tracker by Office Ninjas

This habit tracker by OfficeNinjas co-founder Nancy Chen-Salgado gives you a quick and easy way to make sure you are hitting your daily habits.
Nancy Chen-Salgado
Nancy Chen-Salgado, co-founder at believes that if you want to stay focused on accomplishing a goal, you need to track your progress. If the goal is a habit (a healthy one!), you need to practice that habit daily.
Nancy's Daily Habit Tracker started as a Google Sheet, and this Coda doc takes her framework and turns it into a user-friendly app. Hope you like it!
Nancy, co-founder of OfficeNinjas
Read the original blog post here:


Create your high-level groups and individual habits in (the current habits are from Nancy's Google Sheet)
Go to , select today's date, and click the green check ✅ if you've done the habit. If you don't your habits for that day, click on Add Habits for Today
See your tracking monthly for your habits on
Click here to clear all the dummy data in this template 👉
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