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Mydesignsprint.io Presentation

🤓 Introduction

is the first Design Sprint tool.
Manage all your design sprints in this tool :
Everything in one place!

✍ Features

We are creating a Tool empowering Sprint Masters to :
Plan Sprints with best in class agenda and activity
Define your sprint day by day and plan your work by selecting the best activity within our library.
Capture Sprints outcomes live
Present workshop objectives. Inputs each workshop results live (text and photos) and save precious time at the end of the sprint.
Share results in a single click
Offer access to an excellent summary of the results of your team's work as quickly as you share a Google Doc.

📚Our manifesto

As Design Sprint crew, we say stop to PPT. Experienced in a Design Sprint, we want more for it
We believe that Design Sprints are the future of product creation but that tools are needed to accelerate their adoption
We spend too much time to prepare workshops, writing the same stuff all the time
We are fed up with making PowerPoint presentations at the end of each Design Sprint

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