Welcome/Instructions/Idea Sheet

This sheet will explain how to use the items in the box. It will give them ideas and create a certain level of accountability to promote their trivia night.
The design can be more of an infographic in style highlighting the amount if the different items in the box and a short description on how to use them.
The size will be 8.5x11 and have content on both sides.
Side one will online what is in in the box. Side two is a checklist for both onsite marketing and online efforts.
Side One Mock Up
CleanShot 2021-09-01 at 14.14.21@2x.png
Side Two Items will be added during the design process.
CleanShot 2021-09-01 at 14.15.44@2x.png

Side One

Quality: 15
Place these in high traffic areas. Under TVs, near the jukebox, on the bar pillar
Quality: 150
Serve a drink, use a TriviaLAB coaster.
Info Cards
Quality: 200
Hand these out when you have someone asking about trivia. Put it in the check folder.
Sticker Sheets
Quality: 3
Promote in small ways. Bathrooms, Telephones, Registers, etc.
Front Door Decal
It’s static cling so you can remove is easily.

Side Two

Divided in two areas. Onsite and Online
Other resources
Stick decals on front door
Flyers or Stickers on bathroom door
Hang flyer under TVs
Add stickers to phones and registers
Place info cards near registers so staff can add them to bills
Hold staff meeting and tell them the details of trivia night

Download our social media guide if you haven’t already. triviaLAB.com/social
Announce on FB and IG about your first night. TriviaLAB has supplied you with the digital assets to do this.
Create FB event for the first night.

Other Resources
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