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Who doesn’t like a flyer? Place these in high traffic areas. Under TVs, near the jukebox, staple
directly to bartenders, anywhere where they will be visible. (Pro-tip: above the urinals in the
mens room is one of the best places to advertise!)


Serve a drink, use a TriviaLAB coaster. Easiest thing ever.
Coaster are great reminders for your wait staff and bartenders to mention your trivia night.

Info Cards

Hand these out when you have someone asking about trivia. Hand these out when you have
someone asking NOT about trivia. Place these anywhere from in the guests’ check presenters, staple them to togo bags, or just hand them out like a used car salesman.

Sticker Sheets

These little guys are the best way to promote in small ways. A small sticker in the corner of bathroom mirrors, stuck on the telephone so everyone answering it knows what time trivia happens when they’re asked.

Front Door Decal

We’re pretty sure that having a fancy decal on your front door to let the world know that you’re
partners with a kickass trivia company is the pinnacle of success. I mean, at least keep it up for
a few weeks at least. It’d make us feel special.

Welcome Sheet Side Two

Stick decals on the front door. Just do it. It makes it easy for people walking by (and
walking in) to recognize this spot as an awesome trivia venue!
Place some flyers and/or stickers in the restrooms. The restrooms are the one place in
the bar where A) you know nearly every customer will visit, and B) they know they will
have at least a few moments to read whatever words are directly in front of them.
Hang flyers under TVs. Again, it’s all about visibility. If there are eyes glued to the TVs,
those same eyes should occasionally drift down to the good-lookin’ flyer about the
weekly trivia night.
Add stickers to phones and registers. This is self-explanatory. And we’re not talking
about just your establishment’s phones. Just start affixing to random guests’ cellphones
whenever they’re not looking. Boom, instant advertising.
Place info cards near server stations/in check presenters. Make it easy for guests to take
trivia information home with them.
Hold a staff meeting and tell them the details of trivia night. Trivia night turns a
historically slower shift into an action-packed night where there is plenty of money to be
made by the service staff! Getting the staff on board with all things trivia will do wonders
for morale and the guest experience - and it’ll put money in everybody’s pocket.


Download our social media guide if you haven’t already - it’s like having us in your
pocket whenever you need us.
Announce on Facebook and Instagram about your first night. Get that momentum rolling!
TriviaLAB has supplied you with the digital assets to do this, so it should be a piece of
cake. In addition, encourage only the best-looking, popular members of the staff to post
about it on their own social media pages.
Create a Facebook event for the first night. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it - a
promotion like “Facebook RSVPs attached to actual reservations get a free appetizer
during trivia” goes a long way into filling the house for night one!

Info Card

Great food, great drinks, and the realization that your friends are either really smart or really dumb.
Exterior shipping sticker (“inspiration”) - this wasn’t part of the to-do list but I saw the
inspiration graphics and just wrote up a little blurb.
This isn’t a box of food from a subscription service that you’re going to forget to unsubscribe to
once the free trial is over. This isn’t a box filled with socks you ordered online because “50
socks for 10 dollars is a great deal what could possibly be wrong with these socks oh God oh
my God these socks are terrible what’s that smell wait what” No, no. This is a TriviaLAB
Welcome Box. Inside this box contains everything you need to get your TriviaLAB trivia night running on all cylinders. Enjoy, use it all wisely, and know that we’re here to help you any way
we can. We got you.

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