Welcome Khushboo

Let's get you started
We're so excited for you to join one of the best immersive design teams out there. You'll have your work cut out for you over the next few weeks, but not to fear - this document will be your one stop shop for information, including what you need to do, and where to go for help.
If you have any questions feel free to slack, email or call me.
- Michelle


Goals for the first two weeks
Get added to team systems
Split Studio shared
Meta Quest device set up (coming soon)
Install the on your work computer ​
Send your Horizon Workrooms account email to your manager, so you can be added to the team workspace
Test your setup and get familiar with the interface.
You should be able to join the Split Studio workspace in VR and share your computer screen by the end of the setup.
Download and Create an account
Work with your Manager to get an invite to the EdPlus Rec Room Clubhouse
Make the EdPlus Clubhouse your default spawn location
Add everyone on the team as friends
Note - If you are new to VR we highly recommend switching to a teleport as your form of locomotion in the Recroom settings.
Split Studio team workspace
Add your schedule to the team
Review current projects and work
Complete required trainings
Community of Care
Arizona Public Service Orientation
ASU Duty to Report
Information Security
Fire Safety & Prevention
Preventing Harassment & Discrimination
Complete Web/Graphic Design Videos & Trainings
Working in Figma
Working in After Effects
Getting started with Coda

The Split Studio Team 👋

💡 For a more detailed look at your other co-workers or our place in the organization, you can view the company or the .

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