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Goal Setting

`My freshman year at UCLA the class Education 92F: Academic Success in the Undergraduate Experience completely changed my outlook on achievement. One of the lessons covered in the class focuses on the power of goal setting, and I’ve been hooked ever since.
This has always been true for me at work. Anytime I set the agenda for a meeting, I will include “meeting objective” as an agenda item to be sure to make the goals for the meeting clear. During weekly meetings I lead, everyone involved usually ends up setting a goal to be tracked the following week (both personal and professional!), which creates a fun way of creating accountability to get things done while also providing updates to the team. I love to set KPIs for staff incentives, which tends to increase output. Goals and success in the work place go hand in hand.
Recently, Norma and I have enjoyed setting goals for ourselves for the year. This started when we were in South America in 2017, and has remained an annual tradition ever since. This is the general rubric that Norma and I use every year. Sometimes we have more goals in certain categories, sometimes we create new categories, sometimes we get rid of last year’s. It all depends. I set this up as a template that you can use and make your own.
I like to include the “First Step” because it gives a good target to work towards to get things going. It’s also just satisfying to check a box, isn’t it? The “Completion” is for you to either fill as you go or just check at the end of the year.
Happy goal setting!
2020-2021 Goals
First Step
1 Year Goal
Download Calm or Headspace.
Meditate daily
Commit 1 hour on the weekend tidying up.
Keep the house more tidy in general.
Get a round of groceries with no meat.
Eat less meat.
Look up easy smoothie recipes.
Incorporate a healthy breakfast/smoothie into my routine.
Go on a run around the block.
Run 400 Miles
Listen to some French Music
Be proficient in French for my trip to France.
Stop buying a drink with meals and get water instead.
Save $5,000
Ask my trusted friend who works at Blackrock/works in banking/knows more about money than me what I should do with my money.
Invest in the stock market.
Fill out the section of this document 🔌
Add an additional source of income.
Free Time
Cancel Amazon Prime subscription 😱 ← we did this one.
Support local businesses more often.
Personal Projects
Build MVP of HWM Toolkit
Further Develop Happy We Met
Personal Projects
Research and subscribe to 3 podcasts to see what aspects I like.
Launch a podcast.
Spend 30 minutes reading a new book next weekend.
Read 1 book a month
Set dinner date with Mom next week.
Facetime all 4 sets of parents at least once/month.
Call Justin or Taylor on the way home from work.
Catch up with college roommates more consistently.
Find a yummy local restaurant to order pick up from together.
Date Night at least once/week.
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