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ToolKit Overview

What exactly is this thing?
With the lockdown and a pandemic on our hands, 2020 seemed like as good a time as any to start offering coaching to strangers. So, after privately supporting friends, founders, and co-workers for years I posted on LinkedIn offering coaching services to 5 people for 3 months for free. After completing the 3 months, I made this document to serve as both a “journal” of sorts as I continue through this journey and as a “toolkit” both for strangers and clients. The goal of this toolkit - just like my coaching - is to help you set goals, think through problems, and offer tangible action items to actualize your vision of your ideal life.
For the launch, there are five sections:
- some more info about the benefits of coaching, and how it works.
- a template for you to use to set and think about goals throughout various aspects of your life.
- a Japanese word and mentality that helps you focus on what matters most.
- some ideas and suggestions about how to get the most out of LinkedIn.
- concepts that have helped me navigate my life and ideas I think are worth sharing.

This document is made on “play mode” so you can edit it, but the changes won’t be saved. I recommend you make a copy of it for you to use on your own. Also, it looks and works great on mobile. Download the Coda app if you’re more of a mobile person.
Feel free to send any feedback, questions, or suggestions to me at,
and be sure to check out
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