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Tips and tools for students working online

A resource for students looking for great online tools to promote their study work and remote collaboration with peers.

Here you can find:

a collection of great online tools - many of them provide a free pro plan for students (you get a lot of features for free)!
a list of great plays (work activities) you can do to support remote collaboration and creativity (from sources around the web).
a collection of free materials (images, illustrations, music) that you can freely use in your work

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Free pro for students
If students should only have one tool for all their work - Notion is a pretty good choice. It looks like a doc but it works more like a webpage or app. You can organize your notes in databases, show them as calendars or boards, collect content from across the web and collaborate with peers. It's free for students!
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Free pro for students
A doc a powerful as an app. And it's true. This whole site was built with Coda. Imagine you could add a button in a document that enabled you to send emails or change information on 1000 items at once! With Coda you can
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Free is fine
Build single-page websites fast and easy

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