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My weekly ritual - Friday stand ups

How to leverage weekly stand ups for your sales team

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For sales leaders, it’s important to check in with your team weekly to get insights into key learnings, challenges and boots-on-the-ground feedback from customers and prospects!
I put together a weekly Friday Coffee Chat for the team that became helpful as we grew our team from 2 to 10. During these chats, I found valuable insight and information on the latest feedback from customers, common objections and challenges the team was facing.
I operationalized these coffee chats to drive conversation: reps were expected to come with one learning that they found, one win from the week, and one challenge they needed help with.
Lessons Learned - What was something new that was insightful that week - chances are, this could be a learning opportunity for others, too.
Success - This is the time to brag! What are you proud of this week? There is always a win to share, no matter the other challenges that came up. Let’s highlight the bright spots.
Challenge - The stand up is the perfect time to leverage group-think and brainstorm as a team through a challenging situation.

What’s great is that as I can still go back to these check-ins to see what’s happening with the team and identify areas for improvement and bright spots to amplify! It also helps me with quarterly planning and developing my asks for the business.

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