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Product Hunt Launch Messaging Templates

Social Media Templates

Pre-launch posts
First announcement post
{company name} is launching on Product Hunt on the morning of {launch day}! Stay in the loop to access our exclusive launch day discount by signing up on our upcoming page!
3-days left post
There are only 3 days left until {company name} official launch on Product Hunt! In case you aren’t familiar, the Product Hunt #community is THE place for game-changing tech startups who want to get as much feedback as possible so they can make products that change the world.
If you haven’t yet, sign up on our upcoming page to stay up to date and be among the first to know about our exclusive launch day deal 👀
24-hours left post
Only 24 hours left until our official launch on Product Hunt! 🚀🚀🚀
Be there tomorrow to ensure you get access to our {your launch day offer}!
Our team is ready, are you?

Launch day posts
Now live post
{company name} is now live on Product Hunt! 🎉 Check out our page to learn more, sign up, & get {your launch day offer}: {link to PH launch page}
It’s great to see so many wonderful new users in our product. We are excited to help you {thing your company does}. Check it out today and make both our dreams come true.
500 upvote (mid-day) post
Wow!! 500 upvotes on and counting! 🚀
We could not have reached this milestone without your support, but it’s not over yet!
If you haven’t already, please take advantage of our launch day offer exclusively on Product Hunt and get {your launch day offer}!
Final hours post
We’re now entering the final hours of {company name} official public launch on Product Hunt!
The reaction we have gotten from the Product Hunt community has been astounding, but we still need your support! Visit the first link in our comments to give us some feedback and accelerate your entire team with {your launch day offer}.

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