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Google Sheets No-Code Database

Just an awesome demo project 🍦
Google Sheets is a well-known service and online spreadsheet. But Google Sheets can be more than just a spreadsheet, it can be used as a back-end or a database for no-code applications. A database is a table and a Google Sheets spreadsheet is also a table. For example, , a no-code mobile development tool, uses Google Sheets as a database for its mobile applications. Glide allows to build a mobile application without any code connected to Google Sheets. It’s incredible how fast you can build a real app. Check our page to learn about Glide.
Before Google Sheets can be used as a database for a no-code application, we need to know how to update it or make changes to it. Manually updating a Google Sheets spreadsheet is well OK. It’s a lot more convenient (and faster!) if we can update a Google Sheets spreadsheet automatically from an external data source. And what if we could do it periodically?
You are going to learn how to do that here. Use the links below to start your learning.
- introduction to what you are going to build and why
- a short video overview of what you will build
- tools used in this guide
- a high-level design overview of this application
- a step-by-step tutorial on how to build this application
- resources to continue learning

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