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No-Code Database Doc
Google Sheets No-Code Database

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Google Sheets integrates with hundreds of services and no-code tools. These tools and services allow to send data to Google Sheets and get data from Google Sheets. Because Google Sheets is a table at its core and a database is also a table, Google Sheets can be used as a database or a back-end for no-code applications.
To make manual changes to a spreadsheet (the database), you open the spreadsheet and can make any changes. This works but this process is manual.

A problem

A problem you might run into is: how to update Google Sheets automatically with an external data such as from an API?
In a traditional application, it’s common to update a database. How can we achieve the same with Google Sheets?
Let’s say you want to update your database daily at 8am PT with new vendor products and the vendor only exposes a REST API (no direct integration with Google Sheets).

Who is this for?

This guide is for citizen developes, managers and marketers who want to build no-code solutions with Google Sheets as the database.

What will you learn?

After reading this guide and completing the tutorial you will learn:
How to update a Google Sheets spreadsheet with data from an external data source (API)
How to schedule the update to run hourly, daily or weekly
How Google Sheets can be used as a database for no-code applications

Let’s get started 🚀

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