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Summary for NYC house

This page is a summary of my tailored for the NYC house.
I recommend buying a GoPro Max () with:
a few extra batteries if you plan to bring it outside
a long cable to have it always plugged while recording
a U3 V30 1 TB SD card
a tall tripod; a small tripod; probably various other mounts too

Other cameras I don’t recommend, but you might still like:
Insta360 ONE X2 has the advantage that you can connect a mobile device wirelessly to it, so can see recording without having to transfer the video
Arlo Ultra 2 is a security system that can record only when there’s motion, but it splits footage in 5 minutes segment

I’m currently testing connecting webcams and mics to a computer using the software iSpy. I might have more recommendations once I figure this out (could take me days or weeks). But a GoPro Max might be useful in either case to be able to bring anywhere with you.
The GoPro Max has good audio for an action camera, but it’s probably not documentary level. See more about this in .
For storage, I recommend 5TB external hard drive. But if you plan to record a lot (>20 TB / year), check out more options here: .
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