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Use a brand new GoPro Max to bring everywhere with you, with extra batteries (a battery lasts about 1.4 hours).
With an U3 V30 SD card of 1 TB ()
Given video-sphere recording takes a lot of space, I recommend only recording the most meaningful moment like this, and otherwise record in 720p.
For home, I would like to use a security cam, but they seem to always segment files in small batches. Arlo Ultra 2 looks really good, except it segments files in 5 minutes segments (it can also record continuously; but motion detection is a big part of why I like security cameras).
So I’m currently experimenting with connecting webcams to a computer, and configuring them with the software iSpy. This has the disadvantage that you need a computer connected to your system.
To audio-record, I use the app on my phone. I record 24h/7. I start a new recording when I wake up (more on my ).
If you often forget your phone (say you’re in your bedroom and goes in someone else’s bedroom to talk), consider just having audio recording devices around the house ready to record.
You can also get an omni mic controlled by iSpy (connected to an external sound card if your computer doesn’t have a good one).
To have professional audio, I think you would need a mic nearby (or on) you directed at you at all time. This seems annoying for lifelogging purposes. A documentary done without such a mic should probably be fine, especially in the context that this is in a lifelogging setting.
Note: Even if you attach a mic to an action cam, the connection between the mic and the cam could still significantly compromise the sound quality; it would need to be plugged to a DSLR cam or a computer (possibly with through an external sound card).
The GoPro Max and Arlo Ultra 2 have good audio for their camera category.
Computer recording
I use OBS for video recording. I mostly video record my calls. You can livestream to a private YouTube video if you want a backup on YouTube.
I’ve tried multiple tools to back up all web pages I visit, but nothing has sticked yet unfortunately.
I use Spyrix to take regular screenshots and keylog.
Methodology: I’ve reviewed many “keyloggers” (which actually do a lot more than just keylogging), but haven’t tried a lot of them. I’m not yet confident about my recommendation, although they have a free version, so not very expensive to test.
Brain recording
I haven’t research this deeply yet, but let me know if you’d like to contract me to do so.
I use multiple:
I’m probably going to plug them together, and back them up on Backblaze
I think a RAID system might be worth it if you have the money and are planning to have like >20 TB of data 1.5 years from now (see: )
I haven’t try it, but you might like to setup a large monitor where you can review videos history / ongoing videos. Plug a tablet or computer on the monitor with a .
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