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Blossom UXR toolbox

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Figma & FigJam 馃敟

Make user research multiplayer and engaging with your team. Share recordings, highlights and reels from any Coda doc with a Blossom Pack sync table directly onto a Figma or FigJam board.
Thanks who is a user researcher on the FigJam team for the Blossom shout out during the Office Hours: Figma like the Pros - Research in FigJam. Learn how Vanessa share insights with her team in a more interactive and engaging way with the video below.
Get the plugin: 馃敟

Getting started

1. Install the Figma / FigJam plugin for Blossom.
2. Authenticate the Figma / FigJam plugin with your Blossom Account.
3. Refresh your Sync Tables.
3. Make sure your Blossom sync tables are up to date.
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