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Team: Rosemarie, Jareed, and Ryan
Co-brand content for their website using our technology.
Become an in-kind sponsor.

Team: Scott, ______, ______,
Collaborate with Dr. William Derban to identify and built a simple tool to be tested on the ground. Once it’s successful, we’ll scale up using the massive reach of their organization.


Team: Katherine, Jack, Christos, Humberto, Patrick
Collaborate on a few simple lessons utilizing our . Possible inputs/Mango Story topics: (1) What are digital assets? (2) Why is digits ownership important? (3) How does this help content creators? (4) how and why to mint an NFT? (5) How and why to trade in crypto? (6) Advantages of stellar-wrapped coins over others?
Request some funding and publicity.

Team: Katherine, Jack, Christos, Humberto, Patrick
Launch a long-term investing project / contest.
Map out an educational NFT Project for students/youth and leverage professional athletes in the FinMango Network (e.g. and RockNation Sports). This project and process of creating an NFT will be hugely educational for students and allow them to apply what they learn from the curriculum in step #1 in a fun, exciting way! Students would mint their products as NFTs and practice the skills that they learned about, including how to present ideas and market them. We could hold a competition and leverage our network to bring exposure to the winners.
Other ideas?

UVA Money Makes Change

Team: Tobi, Patrick, Bob, Rich
Conduct a workshop of the HTBAM class for their members.
Train their members and provide them resources / tools to use in the community.
Support them with whatever they need to implement.


Team: Katherine, Jack, Peyton, Christos, Oscar, Ryan, Rosemarie
Come up with a very specific way to collaborate and pitch it.

Team: Scott, Humberto
Co-brand their youth digital platform to scale across the Latinx communities.

Why Partnerships?

A better way to achieve “more with less”, in collaboration with other interested parties who share aligned goals.

General Process & Procedures for Building Partnerships:

Suggested actions:
Generate pipeline of potential partnership candidates.
Prioritize different projects according to FinMango’s strategy.
Define initial project scope, team members, roles”and responsibilities.
Complete agreement.

Partnership Agreement Documents:

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