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Contest Ideas

Step 1: HTBAM Class
Step 2: Futures Thinking Activity
Group up in class and answer “What do you think the world will look like when you turn 30?”
Brainstorm what postsecondary education, the environment, the economy and jobs, and public health might look like in 2035
Step 3: Personal Values
Identify your personal values from this
Are you prioritizing success, service, family, etc.? Do these values align with the futures thinking ethos of creating a world that is more equitable? What happens when two of these values come into conflict?
Step 4: Vision Board
Create a vision board for one possible future life at age 30. Using the futures thinking activity as a guide, identify your ideal:
Location—city, state, country
Housing—apartment, house, etc.
Transportation—car, bus, train, etc.
Miscellaneous—subscriptions, fun purchases, savings, investments, donations, etc.
Step 5: Build a Plan
Write a 500 word plan on how you will achieve your vision board. Discuss student debt vs. investing. What type of income do you expect on graduation? What expenses will you have? How much can you invest? What will you invest in? What will your returns be? Utilize the FIRE Calculator and Portfolio Simulator.

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